Lutte biologique et écologie spatiale
    Biological control and Spatial Ecology
March 2013

Joint seminars with Evolutionary Biology & Ecology

We co-organize seminars with the lab of Evolutionary Biology and Ecology. The programme of those seminars can be found here.

Joint seminars on Geospatial analysis, ecology and epidemiology

Those seminars are co-organized with the unit of Geospatial analysis (ANAGEO), at the department of Geography and Institute for Environmental Managment and Land-use planning (IGEAT).
The seminars aim to share and discuss results of research in geospatial analysis and modelling applied to research questions in human geography, ecology and epidemiology. In addition to formal presentations, the seminars also aim to be an informal forum for exchanging ideas and experience on the methods and tools used in spatial analysis (e.g. GIS, remote sensing, R packages & scripts, data, etc.).

Please contact Catherine Linard () for more information about those seminars.

The seminars are held in french and/or english, in building D (Solbosh), room DC6.121 between 12:15 and 13:15, according to the following programme:

2012/2013 seminars

Date Description
11 April 2013 Didier Peeters (ANAGEO). Introduction to the SQL language.
28 March 2013 Jean-François Bastin (ULB). Potential use of forest canopy texture analysis, using 2D Fast Fourier transform, to map aboveground biomass in heterogeneous forests of west DR Congo.
21 March 2013 Emilie Hanson and Caroline Michellier (ANAGEO). Les nouveaux satellites Pléiades et les possibilités de commande d'images à très haute résolution.
14 March 2013 Thomas Van Boeckel (LUBIES). Control strategies for Avian Influenza in Thailand.
21 February 2013 Andy Tatem (University of Southampton). Mapping and modelling malaria movements.
15 January 2013 Madhur Dhingra (FAO). Overview of HPAI situation in India
10 January 2013 Omar Benarchid (ANAGEO). Towards merging MGISP and Wi-LST Platforms integrating VHRS Remote Sensing for Environmental and Urban Planning
21 November 2012 C. Linard and M. Gilbert (LUBIES). Modelling species distribution
17 October 2012 Ruben Van De Kerchove (ANAGEO). Orthorectification
10 October 2012 Didier Peeters (ANAGEO). Utilisation des images de Google Earth
Sabine Vanhuysse (ANAGEO). Drones à usage civil et télédétection : l’exemple du X00
19 September 2012 Polina Lemenkova (ANAGEO). Urban sprawl in Estonia

2011/2012 seminars

Date Description
5 July 2012 Alix Sotiaux (ANAGEO). MORECA: Monitoring of large scale holder reforestation projects for carbon finance mechanisms
12 June 2012 Marius Gilbert (LUBIES). Intensification de l'élevage et émergence de maladies infectieuses: l'exemple de la grippe aviaire hautement pathogène H5N1
5 June 2012 Aiko Gryspeirt (LUBIES). Modelling the spread of invasive species in a heterogeneous landscape
31 May 2012 Catherine Linard (LUBIES). Modelling urban growth and population distribution across Africa: AfriPop project's results and prospects.
24 May 2012 Zaneta Kaska (ANAGEO). Buffalo-cattle contact risk models - through EPISTIS to GRAZEO