Lutte biologique et écologie spatiale
    Biological control and Spatial Ecology
Etienne Toffin Etienne Toffin
March 2013

Biographical sketch

etienne toffin Etienne graduated in Populations and Ecosystems Biology at the University of Sciences and Technology of Lille (USTL, France) in 2002. During his PhD completed he studied the nest morphogenesis in ants and its self-organized basis under the supervision of Jean-Louis Deneubourg (USE lab, ULB). After completing its PhD in october 2010, Etienne collaborated with the LUBIES team and got involved in a field experiment focusing on biological control of bark beetles, and worked as science teacher at secondary school level. Since October 2012, he is now post-doctoral fellow at the “Fonds National de la Recherche Scientifique” (FNRS, Brussels, Belgium).

Research interests

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